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Elmsett C of E Primary School

Elmsett School Policies

The Policies are managed by the Headteacher, Staff and Governors.

Policies Under Review

The following policies are under review and due to be adopted at the next Full Governing Body Meeting. If you have any comments, please email

acceptable-use- of ICT & Mobile Phones Sept 2020.docx
Anit Bullying Policy September 2020.docx
cycle Training Policy September 2020.docx
History Policy September 2020.docx
Envir Education September 2020.docx
Geography Setpember 2020.docx
Handwriting Policy Septemeber 2020.docx
Homework Policy September 2020.docx
Mathematics Policy September 2020.docx
Monitoring & Self Policy September 2020.docx
Computing Policy September 2020.docx
Pastoral Care September 2020.docx
Spelling September 2020.docx
Reading Policy September 2020.docx
Nurture Group Policy September 2020.docx
Science Policy September 2020.docx
Speaking and Listening September 2020.docx
Child protection and Safeguarding Policy Elmsett September 2020.doc
- Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) Policy September 2020.docx
- Covid Advice Policy September 2020.docx
Absence Policy - Pyramid Sept 2020-21.doc
Inclusion Policy October 2020.docx
Critical Incidents Policy October 2020.docx
Equalities Policy October 2020.docx
Governor Expenses Policy October 2020.docx
Cohesion Policy October 2020.docx
Bad Debt & Redundant Equipment Policy October 2020.docx
Capability Procedure LA Schools October 2020.docx
Asbestos Policy October 2020.docx
Arrival and Collections Policy October 2020.docx
Administration of Medicines October 2020.docx
Charging and Remissions Policy October 2020.docx
Capability Procedure LA Schools October 2020.docx
Use of Restraint Policy October 2020.docx
Risk Assessment Policy October 2020.docx
SafeguardingInductionHandbookforEducationBasedStaffandVolunteers October 2020.docx
social-media-networking-policy-October 2020.docx
Model Disciplinary Policy October 2020.docx
Online Safeguarding October 2020.docx
Peer Abuse Policy October 2020.docx
Lettings Policy October 2020.docx
Leave of Absence Policy October 2020 1.pdf
Lone Working Policy October 2020.docx
Leadership Development and Succession Planning October 2020.docx


The following policies have been adopted by the Full Governing Body: