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Governor FAQ's

How many Governors does Elmsett School have? 

The Governing Body usually consists of 8 governors in addition to the Head Teacher. We have different types of Governors, e.g. those representing parents, staff or the local authority.  

What does the Governing Body do?

We are jointly accountable for ensuring the highest standards of learning and teaching for pupils in the school. Our role is to both support and challenge the Head Teacher and the school as a whole to ensure this.  

We are responsible for the overall running of the School, including the monitoring of standards, budgeting, staff numbers, interviewing prospective staff members, management of the buildings and grounds, and the approval of policies. 

What is involved in being a Governor?

We meet as a full Governing Body six times a year (for normally no more than 2 hours per meeting) to discuss key issues and make major decisions.

Aside from meetings, we also visit the school at least twice a year; most visits last between 1 and 2 hours. On these occasions we might sit in on a lesson to get a good idea of what happens in the classrooms, have a discussion with a teacher, or speak to pupils about their progress. The idea is to gain a thorough understanding of how the school works and to ensure that the school’s plans and priorities are being appropriately implemented. We plan our visits with the Head Teacher and also write a short report on each visit.

What is not part of a Governors role?

We are not involved in the teaching of children, or in individual matters relating to children and their families, or the Headteacher and staff. We do not judge the quality of teaching.

How can I become a Governor?

If you are interested in becoming a parent governor, please contact the Head Teacher using the school contact details. Parent governors are normally elected to the role.

What is an Associate Member of the governing body?

If you are interested in getting involved with the governance of the school but are not ready to make the commitment required of a full governor, then you should consider the role of Associate Member. We have recently appointed our first Associate Member and are looking to welcoming others who can make a contribution. You will have the right to attend governing body meetings and will receive all the usual paperwork … but you do not have to attend. However, we do expect you to use your particular expertise, interests or professional experience for the benefit of the school. This may mean raising particular issues, or giving your views on policies etc. We want this to be a flexible role which adds to the school’s pool of expertise and support.

Again, if you are interested, please contact the Head Teacher using the school contact details. 

Parent Governor Leaflet