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Badgers Class - Year 2 & 3

Badgers marks the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 and prepares the children for the next exciting steps in their education. It is a mixed Year 3/4 class where the children are taught either as a whole class or, as in the case of French and ICT, in separate year groups with Mrs Hooper. There is also a place for ability grouping within some areas of the curriculum so that every child can be supported appropriately, according to their specific needs. Additional adult support is used to help children with special educational needs, including those who are more able. 

Although some subjects are taught independently, a creative approach to learning is continued and many aspects of the curriculum are covered within the whole school topics. A variety of school trips are enjoyed by the children to supplement their learning. There is also an emphasis on the children gradually becoming more independent learners so that they are ready for the further challenges of upper Key Stage 2.

Mrs Horn -  Badgers Class Teacher
Mrs Horn - Badgers Class Teacher

School Farm Fair

Badgers had an enjoyable time at the farm fair. They learnt about foods grown and reared in Suffolk. They were able to taste and handle didn’t products, experience a tractor ride and pet different livestock, including holding ducklings. The carrot show was very informative, learning all about growing carrots.
A great time was had by all. 

Godly Play

On Friday 29th September, Badgers class went to the Methodist church, where they took part in Godly play activities, linked to the RE unit reconciliation which they are studying in class. They learnt about the parable of the Lost Son, made models to represent the story, talked about the moral of the parable and its importance to christians and others. They then shared a drink and snack. Everyone had a great time and many thanks to Alicia for organising the activity.

Badgers River Walk

Badgers class visited Hadleigh, walking along the river and through the town. The children looked at natural and man-made features along the river. They also looked for clues to show the age of Hadleigh and its past history as a wool town.

Mrs Chisholm -  Badgers Class Teacher
Mrs Chisholm - Badgers Class Teacher


Today, Tracey, the Chief Executive at Hadleigh Swimming Pool, was so impressed with their brilliant behaviour, standing so quietly in straight lines and showing great respect, that she gave each pupil a free swim voucher. She said "They are the best school I have seen all week and they could teach other schools how to line up!"

Janina was delighted to win the Diocesan Christmas Card Competition this year - Congratulations Janina!
Janina was delighted to win the Diocesan Christmas Card Competition this year - Congratulations Janina!

In RE, Badgers have been studying Islam and why Muslims call Muhammed the seal of the prophets.

They have looked at stories involving Muhammed, retold them in their own words and decided what the stories tell us about Muhammed's character.

In RE, we have been studying Reconciliation within Christianity - we made staues to represent reconciliation - forgiveness/saying sorry.
In RE, we have been studying Reconciliation within Christianity - we made staues to represent reconciliation - forgiveness/saying sorry.

U9 XC Run

The whole Badgers class entered the Hadleigh Pyramid XC run at hadleigh High school at the end of September. We had some fantastic runners with Alex coming in 4th for the boys and Annie in 6th for the girls. Overall we came 2nd out of 8 schools - fantastic running Badgers - keep it up!

Year 4 MFL Day at HHS

On Wednesday 28 June we went to Hadleigh High for a French day. The first session we had to talk about the countries that speak French. The second class we went to was about history. We learnt about the Bayeux Tapestry. Bayeux is in Northern France on the coast. 
There was a picture outside the classroom of a castle on a hill with the keep at the bottom. We had to go into the classroom and tell someone in our group what was on the picture. They than had to draw it. Lastly we decorated some chocolate buns with butter icing and sprinkles and added a French flag.
By Molly

When we went to Hadleigh High on Wednesday, I had alot of fun. We learnt about the Normans and that they made over 100 castles. We also had a music lesson and we got to play a piano.
By Brooke

Today, the first thing we did was talk about which countries speak French. Then we made a passport in English and then we translated it into French. We learnt about the Normans and the Battle of Hastings in 1066. After that we went to music (it was my favorite). We had to pick a French colour and match the letters of the word to the keys on the piano and then we played it. My favorite one was 'noir' which played as GABD. Last but not least, we decorated a label for our decorated cakes. We had so much fun!
By Ruby King