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Welcome to

Elmsett C of E Primary School.


Our parents are passionate about what happens in our school and they like to be involved in their child's learning, which is marvellous.

At school we take a pragmatic approach: each class gives out homework and the amount and frequency can vary according to the theme or topic for that week. Whilst some parents like a regular flow of homework activities, others are not so keen. There are some basics which must be done regularly like reading, spelling and times tables. But other tasks like research for topics can be done as and when needed.

Homework top tips:

  • Find out what the homework is (check your child's homework diary or reading record book) and plan when to do it.
  • Find a quiet place to get it done, turn the TV off so there are no distractions.
  • If your child is reluctant, do a little each day.
  • Praise your child for completing the work, a smiley face often helps.
  • If your child is getting stuck talk to your class teacher, they will help.
  • Don't make it a battle, neither of you will end up happy.



Remote Education Due to School Closure

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