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We deliver a creative curriculum through topics that engage the children. Within the curriculum, we aim to ensure that fundamental British values of democracy, the rules of law, individual liberty and mutual respect are taught and discussed and we highlight the importance of respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. For a really useful parents’ guide follow this link and select "Parents guide to the new curriculum":

To deliver our curriculum we use the facilities and resources we have in school, such as IT, a cooking area, library, village hall, allotment, wood and large recreation field. We also use the local area to enhance the children's learning experience, such as the local farm, church and village. We also invite members of the community into school.

Our curriculum work is supported by a range of trips and visitors. You will be informed in writing about any trips that take place and you be asked to make a voluntary contribution to the cost. In some individual circumstances the Governors have approved the payment of the cost of the trips from school funds. Please ask at the school office for details of eligibility.

We are a Church School and follow the agreed syllabus for Religious Education in Suffolk. This comprehensive and exciting curriculum helps children to consider their own beliefs and values and those of others. The children learn about religions and beliefs and learn from religions and beliefs through a series of well-planned themes.

We have a myriad of clubs that enhance children's education in school as well as a creative staff.

Our passion for a fulfilling and creative curriculum does not disregard academic standards. Each child's learning is closely monitored and support is given to a child should they need it, to either help the child with strategies or extend the more able child's thinking.

Our curriculum is carefully structured to ensure the children receive a balanced diet of teaching and learning throughout their primary education in each of our classes.


In the National Curriculum the government has set out the learning objectives which our children work towards.

The topics we teach the children in Key Stage One are shown in our curriculum long term plans:


The topics we teach the children in Key Stage Two are shown in our curriculum long term plans:

MFL Medium Term Plan

MFL Long Term Plan


Computing Medium Term Plan

Computing Long Term Plan

 PSHE/RSE Long Term Plan

The curriculum at Elmsett C of E Primary School is comprised not only of interesting teaching and learning activities, which provide for the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also of a wide range of enrichment extra-curricular activities. It also includes the ‘unseen curriculum,’ or what the children learn from the way that they are treated and expected to behave.

Enrichment activities

At Elmsett we believe that learning is more than attainment and scores. It is a combination of attitudes, emotions, beliefs and skills. Research indicates that learning through the ‘Arts’ and other enrichment skills can help children excel in many ways raising long term achievement.  The best learning incorporates kinaesthetic learners– this involves handling, observing, thinking, exploring and actually doing.

We ensure that the curriculum enrichment activities and wider opportunities chosen are available to all children, especially the most disadvantaged, enabling them to be successful both now and in later stages of life.  Our learning is organised into termly topics as part of our creative curriculum approach, designed to make learning stimulating, relevant and exciting for all.

We fully utilise our own staff specialism and also employ specialist teachers to ensure that teaching in all curriculum areas including Music and Sport are of a high standard.   All pupils learn ukulele from Y2 as part of our music curriculum. Peripatetic teachers offer additional tuition in guitar, keyboards and drums. The physical well-being of the children is also enhanced from year 4 from additional specialist teaching in swimming at Hadleigh Pool.  Children will also learn a range of sports in PE and there are additional sporting clubs before, during and at the end school day.  Additional sporting experiences including: Forest-School activities, Outdoor Adventurous residential trips.

Throughout the school year we invite a wide-range of visitors into school.  Trips are organised for each class in order to provide enrichment and extension to pupil experience.

Our main goal is to provide experiences that will develop natural curiosity and long-life learners taking forward the skills learnt for their future careers.

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Enrichment Activities Autumn Term 2020

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