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Co-Space Taster Day at BT Adastral Park

Tabby, Ollie and Oliver were invited, with other schools in the county, to participate in the BT CoSpace Taster Day.

The exhibition hall was full with at least 200 children all ready to learn how to program their virtual robots. Our pupils did exceedingly well considering their small number! This is what our Computing Captains had to say about the day:

 On Friday 4th of November Ollie, Oliver and Tabby went to a CoSpace Taster Day at BT Adastral Park.

We were the smallest school there.

Ollie and I worked together and Mrs Hooper helped Tabby. We had to program a robot/car to move, pick up points, deposit the points and to teleport.

After the programing we had a mini tournament. Ollie and I came 5th and Tabby and Mrs Hooper came 7th overall I had a good day.

By Oliver Sephton

On Friday I went to CoSpace at Adastral Park with Mrs Hooper, Oliver and Tabby. We had to program our robots step-by-step to go forward, detect a wall with ultrasound sensors, pick up cubes and avoid yellow trap areas. The robot could teleport to a different world to get 100 bonus points and to show when the game had ended. If you had more than one cube point you could store your points in the deporting cube to get extra points and to stop points from being wasted in the traps.

After we had done the basics we could adjust our robots to get ready for the tournament.  Oliver and I had to play three other schools. In our first match we played Paul Beaumont and his friends’ team. We won two of our matches and our score was 1425 which meant we came 5th overall. It was a really fun and interesting day.

By Ollie Brightwell